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Thank you for taking the time to browse my website! I'm an up and coming composer and I urge you to check out what sheet music I have available. My catalog is ever expanding so be sure to visit often to check out what's new!

My primary instruments are my voice and piano. However, many of my pieces do include notation for instruments other than piano.

Do spread the word and feel free to link my website to yours!



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World Premiere of 'A Saviour Like You'

Новости 13.07.2012

Hey there again! Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of going to the St. Julien Presbyterian Church in New Grant, Trinidad with my choir and musicians. We had a vibrant service and the singing and music were excellent. For me, the most nervous ...

'On Bended Knee...' published!

Статья 12.07.2012

These are very exciting times! A lot is going on, most notably, I've just published in print my first worship songbook titled "On Bended Knee..." This book contains four songs that I've published here on Musicaneo. The songs are: 1) Glory to God ...

My ebook is finally published!

Статья 16.05.2012

Easy Music Theory: The Beginner's Guide to Music Theory: Book 1 is now available for download on lulu . In this book, I deal with very basic topics that the beginner should know. I follow closely the syllabus of the Associated Board of the Royal ...