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Clarke Rochard Choir singing 'Little Star'

Article 15.01.2012 23:23

This is the first ever performance of 'Little Star' composed by yours truly. The Choir is the Clarke Rochard Presbyterian Church Choir from the Barrackpore Pastoral Region, Trinidad. Hope you enjoy!

My Choir sings Little Star

So the story behind Little Star is this: back in November, after a burst of inspiration, I composed the words and music to my very first Christmas song, Little Star, in about two days. This, I believe, is a record for me. (If there's any professional songwriter out there reading this, yes I know you can do it in less time!)

I finally got hold of the video of the choir's performance (Christmas morning, 2011) and I thought I would share it with you. Forgive the quality of the video, as it was shot with a mobile phone, and my father, who was filming it, didn't realise that he wasn't supposed to talk during the filming! Don't worry, later this year, I will re-record it as a solo version and upload it again.

Click the link below to view it on youtube:



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